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Oceana Homes believes in building houses that you can be proud of. We have won over the hearts of many New Zealand residents by ushering them with their dream homes. Our dedication, quality and affordability set us apart. Let us tell you what makes us the best real estate developers in town.

Experienced professionals

We have a team of highly motivated and skilled professionals with dedicated years of expertise in the field.

Big Projects

We have built the dreams of big brands and continue to do so with our determination and dedication. Our currently selling projects are The Urbano Pakuranga and Walmsley Mangere.

Customer experience

Our customers’ testimonials are our most considerable pride. We believe in delivering the finest quality homes to our clients. Their feedback speaks for themselves.

Absolute security

Advanced security system with modern equipments, professional 24/7 security staff. Regular security patrols along with guard posts at streets' ends. At Rehomes Riverside, there is a public camera system at 100% of the roads.

Green and clean environment

Each urban area of Rehomes is built on the basis of "A place that living is in harmony with nature" with greeneries, parks, squares, water surfaces designed and arranged harmoniously. Ecological and environmental protection criteria, that Vinhomes


Are you looking for affordable homes in New Zealand? We are your one stop shop. We provide you the most budget-friendly homes that you can own.

Our projects

Tiraumea Terraces

Auckland, NZ
  • Currently selling

  • Apprx 64 -79sqM

  • Terrace Houses

The Urbano Pakuranga

Auckland, NZ
  • Under Construction

  • Apprx. 74 -180sqM

  • Commercial & Terrace

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